Dress The One is made to order for a specific occasion, every nuance of the design is thought of- specially for your needs, measurements, likes, preferences, fabric and design- matching and suiting well for your body shape, face shape and any specific requirements. 

If you choose any item from ''Get Inspired''- the item is designed specially for you, if possible, we always invite our Clients to visit Noya working site to take measurements and also try the apparel before it is completely ready, so we can make sure it's what you truly desire and it fits perfectly or we can make immediate adjustments. 

If you will give permission, the design can be used further for other Clients or not and it will stay only available for you. 

Production of ''Get Inspired'' items takes longer time as we will create a completely new and unseen design for you, also we will make a  new pattern for you.

Usual delivery time 3-4 weeks, depending on complexity of the design. 


Cooly dress is usually made 50% of wool and 50% of cotton. Unless specified otherwise with client directly.

Wool keeps the body warm and cotton make it comfy. The dress is light and doesn't require ironing.

Care instructions

Wash on 30° Celsius; gentle ironing; for best wearing experience- hang it every time after washing or wearing.