This is me, Lasma Cudere, a girl from Latvia who learned sewing earlier than reading.

Since my mother used to be a seamstress, I have been exposed to apparel at a very early age. So many gorgeous Barbie dresses (with mom's help) have I created!
As a teenager you would see me with zebra pants (from velvet fabric) or backless top (back in 2000's it was rear), Hollywood style prom dresses with unknown technique creativity (one of my dresses was sticked to me with super glue as otherwise it won't stay as per my design)! At some point girls started asking me to help them choose outfits, design dresses and even to give away my clothes I no longer wear. Eventually I became copied at school!
My family was kind of poor so when I grew up and started earning my own money- I used to spend all my salary on shoes, bags and clothes from fast fashion shops. I had ''walk- in'' wardrobe with at least just 6 black dresses alone, 10 pairs of jeans, shoes in every colour you can imagine, complete abundance of clothing.
BUT.. I was looking the same like everyone, better styled I guess, but the same.
The next hurtful realization was that fast fashion apparel doesn't last. Seams tearing apart on the 2nd day, fabric loosing colour, holes, pilling on sweaters. It was breaking my heart to use the apparel just a few times and then it is completely useless. I always donate my clothes (as I used to wear second hand items during my childhood, I know how important it is), but the quality of fast fashion brands' items were so bad, that I couldn't even donate them. 
So I returned back to creating my own apparel. I also received seamstress diploma to stop asking my mom to make all those crazy apparels I came up with!
In the picture below you can see me wearing a coat from sofa fabric, sown by me during nights (as I worked full time).
During sightseeing trip in Germany, I was approached by 3 ladies who asked where did I get the coat from! Hearing this story- a seed was born in my brothers head- I should start offering my designs for others.
Who? Me? Who am I? I cannot do this.
But destiny will find a way to fulfill it's plans, right?
I met my now ex-husband, who saw my passion and love for apparel, and he asked me- do you really want to live and work all your life for others? (I was working, studying, taking care of my granny, friends, always available for others and sewing at night my designs).
Why don't you try?
Failure is guaranteed if you don't try. But if you try- you might succeed.
And here we are, a dream which I was even afraid to say out loud is becoming true.
Welcome to Noya! And let's go conquer together!