'I can do it all' dress [Melting chocolate]



The dress which can be worn on 2 sides- back to front and front to back. 

'I can do it all' dress certainly can do it all- it can be worn to the office, events, meet up with friends, romantic dinner and even beach! There are no limitations where dress can be worn. 

It is a must for travelling, its super light weigh, and can be worn for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even clubbing! 

Fabric is wrinkle free, just hang it on the hanger and no hassle of ironing! 

Super multifunctional item for every woman's wardrobe! 

Made from silky satin. 

Model is 1.80m, size 38, wearing size M.


Cooly dress is usually made 50% of wool and 50% of cotton. Unless specified otherwise with client directly.

Wool keeps the body warm and cotton make it comfy. The dress is light and doesn't require ironing.

Care instructions

Wash on 30° Celsius; gentle ironing; for best wearing experience- hang it every time after washing or wearing.

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