HOPE coat



The best coat you will ever have! 

So comfy you want to wear it all year around and you actually can- summer cool days/ nights looks fabulous with just a T-shirt underneath. During winter- wear a woolen sweater and you are good to go.

Best part? This coat is made ONLY in 10 pieces. That is it! Only 10 people from 8 billion people CAN have this coat! The drawing on the fabric is custom made by me, so no one else has this picture available and it is printed in factory which uses very eco friendly technology, saving energy and using nature friendly colours. 

It is getting better- outer layer made from 100% cotton, lining made from 100% wool and covered up with 100% satin cotton. 

This coat has 5 years FREE warranty. 

Oh, yes and when you order this coat, 1m2 of forest is being planted in Europe because of your order. 

It is the best coat you will ever have! 

Model Lasma (blond)  is 1.80 ands wearing size M. 



Cooly dress is usually made 50% of wool and 50% of cotton. Unless specified otherwise with client directly.

Wool keeps the body warm and cotton make it comfy. The dress is light and doesn't require ironing.

Care instructions

Wash on 30° Celsius; gentle ironing; for best wearing experience- hang it every time after washing or wearing.

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