YBF (Your Best Friend) T-shirt [tiffany]

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The must T-shirt which is literally your best friend on whom you can always rely on. 

Wear it for home, sleep, office, outing, gym or beach.

Handmade from organic cotton with pinch of elastane to give extra comfort.

Fabric feels like second skin.

Long enough to use as a dress, short enough to be sexy.

Extra addition- T-shirt has been energised with Chi energy during Qigong practises (during storing period). 

Model is 1.80m, wearing size Medium. 

Please note measurements: 

Small: Length 71cm X Width 48cm 

Medium: Length 83cm X Width 56cm 

Large: Length 74cm X Width 59cm 


Cooly dress is usually made 50% of wool and 50% of cotton. Unless specified otherwise with client directly.

Wool keeps the body warm and cotton make it comfy. The dress is light and doesn't require ironing.

Care instructions

Wash on 30° Celsius; gentle ironing; for best wearing experience- hang it every time after washing or wearing.

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